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Tyler Kushnir 

Tyler is the type of angler who cares little about all the fanfare about spey casting except where it gets the fly over more fish, which in his case means 120', 140' or more on a consistent basis.  Luckily he's a phenomenal caster and reaches where most men would not dare to try using his favorite 16' 7" CND Thompson Specialist on big northwest rivers like the Thompson, Skagit, Skykomish and Sauk.  Tyler is a teacher by profession and guides at Langara Lodge, British Columbia.

Tak Shimosawa

Tak is an excellent spey angler from Japan and the creator of a very popular spey casting website.  The diagrams and animations are very informative, definitely worth checking out.  He is one of the avid cherry salmon anglers who pursue the elusive 6th species of pacific salmon in their native waters of Japan.  He also travels to practice spey fishing in the great waters of the world.  His international sense of spey fishing is evident in this letter to Dana Sturn, founder of the Speypages international spey community.